Best Ways To Junk A Car For Instant Cash

Posted On May 21st, 2019

Nothing puts a smile on people’s faces the way Instant Cash does. At Car Removal Adelaide, Instant Cash is what we pay out when you sell your old or unwanted cars to us.

We’re an Adelaide Car Removal Service That Sees Value in All Cars

Got a beat-up 1973 Volkswagen that the Missus’ wants you to trade in for a new Holden Commodore or Ford Falcon?

We’d be happy to take it off your hands.

Besides Volkswagens, Falcons and Commodores, we also take old Mitsubishis, Mazdas, Toyotas, Jeeps, Land Cruisers – even Hyundais and Kias. In short, there’s no make of car that we don’t accept.

We Pay Top Dollar For Scrap Cars In Adelaide 

For a car that’s old, abandoned or not going anywhere, anytime soon, top dollar is between $50 to $500.

You can do a lot with cash like that – buy a second-hand mobile phone, a Sony Play Station, X-Box, play the Pokies or buy several rounds of drinks for your friends at the pub.

Junk Cars Adelaide

We Recycle The Parts of Every Car We Buy

An ecofriendly company, we pay Instant Cash at Car Removal Adelaide. We also do more – we recycle engine parts – and sell them for a small profit to second-hand car parts stores online in Australia.

We then drain the non-working parts of engine oil, grease and fluid, strip the car’s metal body of paint (it’s toxic for the environment) – and then dispose it off, in thoughtful ways.

Are You Being Served A Penalty Notice For Leaving Your Junk Car In The Street?

It’s not uncommon for this to happen in Adelaide, Sydney or Melbourne.

With parking meters everywhere, your local Council is ever ready to slap a fine on you for leaving your car in a public place or street.

If you leave a car unattended on the street ion Adelaide for more than 24 hours, Council has the right to serve you a notice followed by a fine. They may impound your car, sell it and retain the proceeds from sale.

Council Rules When It Comes To Old & Abandoned Cars

1. If your car has been left in the street for more than 24 hours, Council has the right to serve you with what they call a First Notice. If you own the vehicle, you should clearly display your Parking Permit Sticker on it.

2. Residents can report an abandoned car giving Council basic details like registration number plates, car model and make

3. Police will be contacted, and the owner tracked down- the owner will be requested to move the car – if they do not comply, a First Notice will b          served.

If the owner cannot be located, a Community Safety Inspector will knock on doors of residents in a bid to locate the owner.

An attempt will also be made to find the owner using the Department of Transport, Energy and Infrastructure’s vehicle registration records.

4. If the owner cannot be located, the car will be impounded by Council. To return the car, the owner will need to provide Proof of Ownership to                Council.

5. Council is entitled to sell the car if the owner cannot be found within a reasonable period of time


Do you have an old car you no longer require?

Why not consider selling it to Car Removal Adelaide. A Cash for Car dealer that values service, Car removal Adelaide pays Instant Cash for Cars, same day car removal, FREE paperwork and will also drive to your home to pick up your vehicle.

To enquire about the company’s Car Removal Services, please call 0477 413 136.