Holden’s are special in Australia. And have been since we first started driving them in the sixties. Holden’s fetch an excellent price from Car Removal Companies in Adelaide. Car Removal Services – also referred to as Cash-for-Car dealers, pay top Cash for Scrap Cars. And even more Cash for Holden Cars.

Remove an Unwanted Car from your garage or yard – today itself 

The good thing about Cash-for-Car-dealers is they are quick. Call them about an old or accident-damaged car you have lying in your garage, or yard, and they will come around the same day, itself, to pick it up.

That’s right – if you make call them in the morning – they will give you a quote for your car over the phone itself. And be at your place by the afternoon to pick it up.


Car Removalists in Adelaide understand their dues and pay them – on the spot 

Car Removalists in Adelaide know that nothing comes FREE. Not even a car for which others see no value in. So, when they look at your car, they never do so without recognizing that they’re going to have to pay a price for it.

Car Removal Services don’t have the ability to pay their clients an extravagant price for their old cars, accident-damaged cars, or cars without rego or insurance. However, they do have the ability to pay a fair price for these cars which they do the moment they physically inspect them at your residence.

Service is important to Cash-for-Car dealers in Adelaide 

It’s the one area of business they won’t renege on – no matter what.

When you sell your old, unwanted car to a Cash-for-Car dealer (Car Removal Adelaide happily deals in old and unwanted cars – giving clients the best available prices for them), you get a tidy sum of money or your vehicle plus standards of service we’d be surprised if you obtained elsewhere.

Why choose Car Removal Adelaide to remove your unwanted Car?

  • Best price guaranteed
  • Cash on delivery of the vehicle
  • Pick up of vehicle from your residence
  • FREE Tow of your Vehicle from your residence to our car yard
  • Full Vehicle Transfer Assistance provided
  • Complimentary garage clean-up services provided for the infirm and the elderly

Is there hidden value in scrap cars – and can we find it? 

The answer to both questions is ‘yes’! There is also value in old cars – even though many may not see it.

Experienced scrap car dealers, we’ve been buying cars for as long as Adelaide has been making and bottling wine.  That makes us something of ‘experts’ in valuing cars and pricing them.

Take advantage of our Inhouse Car Buyers and Valuers 

A few minutes of your time over the phone is all they need to understand your car and make you an offer on it.

If you call us to obtain a Car Valuation (always FREE with us) by 10 am in the morning, we guarantee to give you your evaluation in 5 minutes plus send a man with cash to buy your car without 2 hours of quoting on it!

In 4 hours, on average, we settle all transactions we enter into over the phone.

Thousands of people in Adelaide have sold their cars to us

They’ve not just been satisfied with our price – they’ve been ‘very happy’ with it.

And that’s why we are Adelaide’s leading Car Removal Company and Cash-for-Car dealership It’s the continual accent that we place on service that persuades our clients to take it up!

To obtain a FREE Initial Quote (FIQ) – please call us immediately at Car Removal Adelaide


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