The way to sell a car – fast – is to sell it to a Cash for Car dealer.  Adelaide’s leading Cash for Car dealer, we specialise in Holden Car Removals. Besides Holdens (we buy all models – including Commodores), we buy other cars to paying top dollar for them – always. We give you Cash for Scrap Cars, Cash for Holden Cars – Cash for all Cars  – no matter what their age, make, model or condition.

A Holden Car Removal Specialist 

Holden Cars are Australia’s favourite cars. And with good reason – they go – fast!

Holden Car Removals


Holden’s Five Best Cars according to SBS News are :

  • Holden FJ – iconic, it dominated the Australian car market for years. 170,000 of these babies were produced which are collector’s items


  • Holden HQ – Considered to be the ‘Best Holden Ever Produced’ the Holden HQ’s unique styling and features combined with its awesome power drove 500,000 sales between 1971 and 1975. It was the first Australian made car to introduce the concept of the Sandman Panel Van


  • Holden A9 X Torana –A cracker of a car – on the race track and off it, the Holden Torana won major championships including The Bathurst Race in 1978!


  • Holden VT Commodore – Wheels magazine Car of the Year, it introduced Holden Car Enthusiasts to new standards of excellence and design engineering – that hold good even today


  • Holden Monara– Holden’s first coupe, designers loved the car so much, they revived it secretly in 1997 without telling management about it!


Why we pay more for Holden Scrap Cars? 

Holden Scrap Cars possess value that no other cars in Australia do. Naturally, as car parts recyclers, Car Removals Adelaide is always happy to pay more for Holdens.

Australia’s most popular car, we resell Holden Car Parts. Because of this, we pay customers to remove their cars for them.

Normally, if you had a Holden Vehicle you wanted to get rid off, you’d call a Towing Service to tow it away. This would set you back by at least $65 – the price could be higher depending on how far your Towing Service was from your location.

Car Removal Services Adelaide will tow your car away for you for FREE

We will also pay you the highest price you will receive for your Holden in Adelaide.

Besides Holden Automobiles, we also buy Fords, Hyundai’s, Kia’s, luxury cars like Mercedes, Lexus’, Porsche, BMW and others too.

Car Removal Adelaide is Adelaide’s No. 1 Car Removal Service

We are rated number one by our customers because we give them Instant Cash for cars. Also, because we give them a service they wouldn’t receive anywhere else.

Adelaide’s Top Choice when it comes to Car Collection Services, we remove unwanted cars – paying you a good price for them as we do so.

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